Consumer Buying Power Report

The Consumer Buying Power report provides consumer expenditures, including current-year estimates and five-year projections of total household expenditures. It allows you to identify the potential demand of consumers for products and services by analysis area regardless of where consumers make their purchases. You can include aggregate totals, component totals or both for the selected analysis areas.

You can use the report to:

  • View estimated consumer expenditures by analysis area.
  • Compare current year’s expenditures to the estimated five-year expenditures.
  • View the annual average expenditures per household.

To generate the Consumer Buying Power report, you need to perform the following:

  1. Select a base analysis type, a geography or an analysis area, and the level of detail to include in your report.

NOTE:  Depending on the level of detail that you select, you may need to define your component geography, the method by which you want to include the geography, and other additional options.

  1. Define the report sections to include, the report output format, your preferred notification method once the report has been generated, the output generation method, and the report name.

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