CultureCode Generation Report: Select an Analysis Area and the Level of Detail

On the Step 1 screen, select a geography or an analysis area for which you want to generate the report and the level of detail that you want to include in your report.

Additional Considerations:

  • When selecting the analysis areas or standard geographies you want to include in the report, clicking on the folder (without opening it) will select all areas contained within the folder.
  • Use the Search function to locate your desired analysis areas.
  • Use the Save List button to save your selected list of analysis areas for future use.
  • Use the My Lists button to load a previously saved list of analysis areas.

After verifying your selections, click Next to proceed.

NOTE:  The Step number assignment that displays on top of the screen and the available options may differ depending on your selections on the previous screen, your device, and/or your screen resolution.

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