Pop-Facts Demographics by Age, Race, Sex Report

The Claritas Pop-Facts Demographics by Age, Race, Sex report allows you to view a detailed breakdown of age and race demographics for females, for males, and for both. Details and summary information are provided for each analysis area you select. You can include aggregate totals, component totals or both for the selected analysis areas.

To generate the Pop-Facts® Demographics by Age, Race, Sex report, you need to perform the following:

  1. Select a geography or an analysis area, the level of detail to include in your report, and your preferred report generation method.

NOTE:  Depending on the level of detail that you select, you may need to define your component geography and the method by which you want to include the geography. You may also enable or disable the Analysis Area Detaill option.

  1. Define your preferred notification method once the report has been generated, the report output format, and the report name.