Effective Buying Income Report

The Effective Buying Income report allows you to view projected statistics, in households, based on effective buying income. For both the current year and projected five-year, total demographics displayed on separate rows, followed by dollar ranges of estimated effective income. The report provides statistics for:

  • Average household size
  • Median age
  • Median household income
  • Owner-occupied housing value
  • Effective buying income, in ranges (<$15,000, $15-000-$24,999, etc.).

The columns show the total households and percentage of the total for each analysis area selected. You can include aggregate totals, component totals or both for the selected analysis areas.


To generate the Effective Buying Income report, you need to perform the following:

  1. Specify a geography or an analysis area.

NOTE:  Depending on the level of detail that you select, you may need to define your component geography and the method by which you want to include the geography. You may also enable or disable the Analysis Area Detail option.

  1. Define the report generation method, output type, delivery method, and name