Standard Reports

Standard reports represent predefined templates that Claritas has created through extensive industry experience and customer feedback.

Depending on your Claritas data license, the following standard report types may be available:

Contains the following reports:
- Pop-Facts Demographics

- Pop-Facts Demographics Trend

- Pop-Facts Demographics by Age Race Sex

- Pop-Facts Household Income by Age of Householder

- Pop-Facts Executive Summary

- Effective Buying Income

- Senior Life

- Consumer Concentration

Contains the following reports:

- Consumer Buying Power

- Retail Market Power

- Financial CLOUT Demand

Contains the following reports:

- Business-Facts Location

- Location Detail

- Business-Facts Summary

- New Market

- Point to Point

- Point Crosstab

Contains the following reports:

- CultureCode Asianicity

- CultureCode Hispanicity

- CultureCode Ancestry and Origin

- CultureCode Educational Attainment and Unemployment

- CultureCode Foreign-Born

- CultureCode Generation

- CultureCode Language

- CultureCode Socioeconomic Status